A better workflow

to allow you to enjoy

your business

and financial growth. 



There are many ways

we can help you ease

your workflow:

  available in English and French



We develop systems and tools that work for you so you can start and run your business with ease.

We customize bookkeeping solutions tailored for your business with real-time access to your financial information.

We streamline financial and operational processes, so you can see what your business is capable of with better workflow, allowing for more time to do what you love.

We hold workshops and personalized trainings to share our knowledge on a wide range of financial subjects to empower you and your staff.

We provide bilingual project management services.


Whether you are starting your business or revisiting the complex workflow of your company, we can help provide the right tools.

With a passion for implementing systems and controls that increases efficiency, we will ease your day to day and build better reporting for a straightforward year end.

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Cashflow and being able to track your dollars are the biggest contributors to the success or failure of a business.

It is important to produce a clean and consistent set of books from year-to-year.

This will help you understand better your business and is key to making strategic decisions.  You will also save on your year-end bill and keep up to date with taxes and filings. 

Services include:

  • Full cycle bookkeeping

  • Audit preparation

  • Clean-up 


EZflow is a proud Quickbooks Online* Advanced Certified ProAdvisor.



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  *cloud-based accounting program 


With a passion for learning and education, we will share our financial knowledge about finance in order for you to be successful.

We hold custom workshops and trainings and are available for hosting workshops at your place of business. 


"Calculs et Stratégies ou

l’importance de connaître son seuil de rentabilité"

SDE, Vancouver, B.C.


We can manage for you the planning and execution of various types of projects in English and/or French.

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“...from ensuring the annual conference is on track to managing day to day crises that arise throughout the rest of the year. [Carole's] professionalism, steadfast calm, and fantastic innovative ideas have ensured that our non-profit strategic plan keeps moving forward...”

Tracy Truant, RN, MSN, PhD(c), President of CANO/ACIO



Founder of EZflow

Carole  PerEZ

Carole Perez is a dedicated accountant and astute manager whose aim is to help businesses with bookkeeping, project management, financial growth, and accounting knowledge.

As a Management & Accounting graduate and with for over 19 years in the field, Carole brings her expertise and experience to every project.

Her analytical approach and tech savviness allows businesses to focus on their operations, offering a new perspective and a clear path forward.


Carole serves organizations with whom she shares beliefs and values. With each of her clients she builds honest and trustworthy relationships and cares deeply about their success. She has the right skills and energy necessary to create a thriving workplace.